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The Off Grid Project was originally planned to run throughout 2012. The original intentions were to show you how to get your own home off the grid for under $5,000. Due to the success of my daily YouTube videos, The Off Grid Project has been continued and has become a daily vlog of my life.

You can follow my daily YouTube vlog here: The Do It Yourself World Daily Vlog

You can follow the video series on How To Get Your Home Off The Grid For $5,000
Here on DIY Tube Video Community. DIY Tube is my own video sharing website and you are all welcome to join and share your own experiences. I started a brand new series in March 2019 which will guide you on your own path to energy independence so please follow along.

Many homes will be able to go off the grid for less than $5,000. Some may cost more (but do not have to). It all depends on your household power usage and how much you are willing to make a change in your energy usage. Usage tables and helpful ideas will also be covered on this website to show you the way to energy independence.

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