Off Grid Waste Disposal

Follow the Off Grid Project and learn how to dispose of gray water, black water and solid wastes.

Living off the grid is often seen as green living. This means living in an environmentally friendly manner. This is especially important when your own food and water supply is provided by nature. You must ensure that the land around you stays clean and pure.

The Off Grid Project will show you how to safely dispose of gray water. This is water from washing dishes and showers. Basically, anything that goes down the drain in your sinks. Learning what not to dump down the drain is also very important so we do not poison the land and ourselves.

Disposal of black water (sewage) is also important. You will learn how to build a composting toilet that will turn solid wastes and kitchen vegetable scraps into a rich, organic compost. This can be dumped around trees or in a veggie garden, although most people prefer not to do the latter. You will also be shown how easy and clean a composting toilet can be.

Follow the progress on this page as the project progresses. Updates will be constantly posted.

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