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The Off Grid Project is ongoing with daily video updates. It all began when I lost my job and apartment in 2013 and moved into a campoer during a blizzard. I lived in the camper for a while, then moved into an RV and then built myself a tiny house on wheels. Later I got married and together we moved to a new homestead in Michigan.

Here you can find the entire Off Grid Project video series from the beginning to the present. This is an easy way for you to find the original videos of The Off Grid Project and my struggles in a cold, dilapidated camper.

I never went back to the rat race and continued to make daily videos of life on the homestead. Below you can follow along with The Off Grid Project video series.

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For those of you who are interested, here are the

first videos I ever made


These were the first videos I ever upoaded to YouTube on my channel. I was quite shy back then and did not talk much in the beginning. You can see the change as I got used to the camera with time. Most of my earlier videos dealt with electronics experiments and survival.

Video Playlist: My first ever YouTube videos

Video Playlist: My first ever videos part 2

Later on I got more into survival, preparedness and foraging videos. I also did a lot of camping and electronics projects. There were some scattered off grid project origin videos in here as well. It was during this period that I went through Hurricane Sandy, which caused widespread devastation and panic shopping.

Video Playlist: My First Ever Videos Part 3

Video Playlist: My First Ever Videos Part 4

Originally I wanted The Do It Yourself World, which was started in 2007, to be a collection of projects and experiments in electronics and outdoor survival. I had started out with an online article submission site where people could submit their own work. Due to heavy spam, I removed that feature with time.



The origins of the off grid camper


These videos were made when I was forming the idea of The Off Grid Project.

The Off Grid Project starting taking shape when I got an old rotting camper for free. It was in bad shape and held together with duct tape. Literally.

The Off Grid Project was just beginning to form in my mind. I was not yet full time. Fornately for me though, I had the idea of one day taking the old camper off the grid for some experiments. I installed the wood stove in there so I could work during the cold winter months. This turned out to be a blessing when I moved in full time.

Video Playlist: The Off Grid Camper Origins

Video Playlist: The Off Grid Camper Origins 2

When I lost my job and apartment during Jan/Feb 2013, this old camper became my full time home.

And that is when I started making daily videos of my life and experiences.

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