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The Off Grid Project is ongoing with daily video updates. Follow my progress, struggles, trials and adventures as I stive to get fully off the grid and become self sufficient on my forest homestead. I am currently living in an RV that I renovated myself and planning on building my own tiny home this summer on an old camper frame. Watch, interact and share ideas on my YouTube channel:
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The Off Grid Project is presented by The Do It Yourself World.
Projects and experiments in off grid living, alternate energy, survival, wild foraging and more.

How To Get Off The Grid

The Off Grid Project is a collection of DIY plans that will show you how to get off the grid for under $5,000.

Follow along on the path to energy independence, through a series of real life experiments in off grid living.

The complete program covers everything from energy, to heat, to water supply and waste disposal.

  • Learn how to make your own solar panels and windmills.
  • How to make passive solar household heating and solar water heating.
  • How to set up an off grid water supply and how to provide hot running water.
  • How to dispose of waste water and solid waste in an environmentally friendly manner
  • How to heat your home and cook with an ultra efficient DIY wood stove design.
  • How to cool your home with geothermal cooling.
  • How to avoid poisonous chemicals and move to organic cleaning methods
  • How to plant and maintain an organic vegetable garden.
  • And how to preserve your own foods.

When The Off Grid Project is completed, a book will be written showing you how to get your home off the grid on a budget. The book will contain all the information from this site, plus lots more.

There will also be a video released about my experiences in The Off Grid Project, living in a camper in the middle of the forest and building up an off grid home.

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There will be ongoing activities during the duration of The Off Grid Project, so bookmark this page and keep checking back for updates. The Off Grid Project has been extended indefinitely. Due to icreasing interest in the project and the wide scope of the field of alternate energies, The Off Grid Project will continue.

You can get fully off the grid for $5,000 or less. By following the project, you will see that it is possible, if you follow precisely the plans that are shown throughout these pages. Some households may choose to invest more money and some less. It depends on your own finances and comfort level. You can apply every one of these energy savings techniques, or pick and choose as you like.

The off grid trailer, for example, which is an ongoing project in off grid living is being taken off the grid on a super low budget. The 32 foot camper was found for free in the classifieds and required $100 in DIY repairs. The original solar panels are all homemade using B grade solar cells and lumber yard supplies. The control electronics and wiring ae homemade DIY projects. The rain water collection system is being made of mostly free and salvaged materials.

The Off Grid Project should be of interest to the retired, recently unemployed or survivalists and preppers due to the nature of the low budget and back to basics experiments and plans covered in day to day life inside the off grid solar camper.

The author of The Off Grid Project was recently unemployed and decided to follow the path to energy independence and get back to the land. Leaving the rat race behind and getting closer to nature and the old ways.

No matter what your energy savings budget or goals, you will be sure to find an energy savings technique here that will help you on your path to energy independence.

Bookmark this site - follow The Off Grid Project - And Start Saving!